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Yamaha's TV rack

Probably better heard than seen


When Evesham came out with its Sound Stage TV stand with its built-in speakers, we thought it might be a good sign that furniture makers would come up with some innovative ways to display the new generation of flat TVs. So far, that's proven to be overly optimistic.

Newlaunches says Yamaha, for example, has come out with its own TV rack that includes a full Dolby system of speakers, sub-woofer and amplifier, with an optional DVD player, for the Japanese market. It's more expensive than Evesham's stand system ($780 vs. $600), but our quibble has more to do with design.

Perhaps it's telling that Yamaha calls its product a "rack," because that's exactly what it looks like. Unlike Evesham's stand, which builds its audio equipment into the frame, Yamaha's version basically looks like some shelves with components sitting on them exposed. For that, we could go to Levitz.