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Yamaha YSP-40D: A surround-sound system in a box

Love surround sound? Live in a house with no space or a speaker-hating other half? Then Yamaha wants to help with its new YSP-40D, a one-box surround-sound system designed to save relationships

Barely weeks have passed since we reviewed the Yamaha YSP-1100 but there's already a new kid on the block. The recently announced YSP-40D isn't a replacement for the 1100, but it does have some pleasing new features that make it well worth considering.

Unlike the 1100, the YSP-40D offers standard-definition upscaling to both 720p and 1080i via analogue inputs. The upscaled video can then be sent to your TV via the HDMI output. The HDMI portion of the 40D is even 24p compatible, which should please film purists.

The 40D also has plenty of inputs for you to fill up with joyous gadgetry. There are two optical and two coaxial digital inputs, for hooking up DVD players, games consoles and media streamers; two component inputs and one output; and two HDMI inputs and one output. You'll find the now ubiquitous iPod dock connector, too, although the dock is sold separately.

Yamaha has included a DAB radio in this model, which should interest people looking to totally ditch their hi-fi systems in favour of an all-in-one solution.

The 40D has the same 42-speaker system found in the 1100. This is made up of 40 small, directional speakers that are used to bounce sound all around you, and two larger woofers that create a rich bass sound.

The YSP-40D has a street price of £1,199 and is available in both silver and black. If you're looking to find a home for your sound projector, optional wall-mounts and TV stands are also available. -Ian Morris