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Yamaha HTY-750: Surround sound in one small speaker

Speakers -- they're ugly, aren't they? Why not reduce spousal nagging and moaning by up to 37 per cent with the Yamaha HTY-750, a surround sound speaker system in a single box

If you long for the auditory joy of surround sound, but don't want -- or aren't allowed to have -- a multi-speaker setup at home, then you'll relish the opportunity the Yamaha HTY-750 provides: surround sound in one compact box.

The HTY-750 scores over some of Yamaha's larger sound bars in two main ways. Firstly, it's smaller than some of the high-end models. And secondly, it costs about half as much. The downside, of course, is that it won't produce sound as deep and rich as the YSP-1100.

The HTY-750 is available in two colour schemes. You can either have it with a black cabinet and a silver speaker grille (shown above), or with a silver cabinet and a black speaker grille.

A little Google search revealed you can pick it up online for around £400. Click through to see more of this stylish single. -Ian Morris

Update: Read our full Yamaha HTY-750 review.

We really like the styling of the HTY-750. It's compact, light and nice to look at. Yamaha aren't going for the 40-inch TV market with this model, instead suggesting it's a good option for a second TV in the bedroom or study.

The two colour options mean you should be able to match your TV easily too, which is a bonus for the style conscious.

Inputs are pretty generous for such a small device. You get a coaxial digital and two optical digital inputs. This means you can hook up a games console, DVD player and even Sky+ or other digital TV service.

You also get a subwoofer output to firm up the bass, handy for this smaller unit.

The remote control means you won't have to keep getting up to adjust settings, but it also has another cool feature. Known as My Beam, the HTY-750 can adjust the sound and focus it directly on where you are sitting. This is really useful if you're trying not to disturb people in other rooms. It really works well too, although you do see a substantial reduction in bass response with it engaged. Still, handy if your other half is yelling at you to turn down the fragging.