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Yakatori in your own home

You know yakatori--Japanese-style vegetables and meats grilled over charcoal? Well, now you don't have to schlep to a restaurant for this specialty; with Yo Yakatori Grill you can make it at home.

The Yo Yakatori Grill is easy to use and easy on the eyes. Drinkstuff.com

One of my favorite dinners out as a kid was going to the local Japanese restaurant. I would get yakatori-grilled chicken and rice. Not all Japanese restaurants serve yakatori, though, and I've been missing it for a while. Thankfully, the Yo Yakatori Grill offers an easy way to get a fix--and without having to call up every Japanese restaurant within 20 miles just to ask if I can get chicken the way I want it.

The Yo Yakatori Grill is a traditional Japanese table barbecue. It's handmade from clay and is easy to use. All you need to do is fill the bowl with charcoal, put the removable grill on top, and you're ready to grill, Japanese style. With the adjustable ventilation on the Yo Yakatori Grill, you can control the amount of heat you expose to your chicken, vegetables and other meats. It takes far less effort and time to set up than a western-style grill. You don't even need to drag the Yo Yakatori Grill out onto the driveway as a safety precaution. This little grill is safe to use on top of a table--although I do recommend choosing an outdoor table.

The grill itself isn't quite a foot across and weighs about 13.5 pounds. Its small size makes the Yo Yakatori Grill easy to store when you aren't using it.