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Yahtzee! AT&T SMT5700 uncovered on FCC's site

FCC site reveals the AT&T SMT5700, a new full QWERTY Windows Mobile smart phone.

AT&T SMT5700
AT&T SMT5700 Engadget Mobile

Wawaweewa! Ah, the FCC... Sometimes it can be a cell phone lover's best friend. If you've got the time to do some sleuthing on the FCC site, you can occasionally find information about upcoming cell phones and smart phones like this little number here: the AT&T SMT5700. As Engadget Mobile reports this morning, this is the first AT&T-branded smart phone and it carries the same SMT prefix of the Audiovox SMT5600 fame. Specs are pretty dicey at the moment, but it looks like the full QWERTY device will run Windows Mobile 5 and feature a 2-megapixel camera and a microSD slot. No word on a release date or pricing, but it'll certainly have its work cut out for itself with all of today's sleek QWERTY smart phones.