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Yahoo's new look

Yahoo has released a preview of its redesign, but it is not equipped to accommodate all browsers. Images: Yahoo's steady home page transformation

Home page transformation

Yahoo has released a redesign that offers more information on the home page, but is less cluttered. "At the end of the day, we made our little slice of Web more relevant to you," says Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang in the intro video, as co-founder David Filo holds up irreverent signs behind him. "Make yourself at home, again," Yang says. The actual Web page is not yet welcoming to all, however. For now, the new Yahoo design can be seen only by Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox 1.5 users who click on the "sneak preview" button on the home page.

"Unfortunately, you're using a browser we don't support today. Check back in the coming weeks--we plan to support additional browsers soon," said a Yahoo message to Opera users who tried to see the preview. Some versions of IE and Firefox also were turned away.