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Yahoo's Aviate launcher graduates beta

The custom launcher and home screen app for Android adds new features and is now available for all users.

Yahoo's custom launcher is now available to all Android users. Yahoo

After spending a few months toiling about in a limited beta release, Yahoo's custom app launcher for Android, Aviate, is now available to all users. You can download the home screen replacement from the Google Play Store. Yahoo's launcher comes quickly on the heels of competing Android launchers created by Samsung (Terrain Launcher) and Nokia (Z Launcher).

Since being acquired by Yahoo back in January, Aviate has undergone some significant enhancements. Designed to provide at-a-glance access to your most important apps, settings, and shortcuts, the free launcher automatically updates itself based on your needs throughout the day. Indeed, it's one of those apps that claims to learn your habits as you use it.

New features joining the now-public app include swipe access to open the alarm clock, weather widget, calendar, and news reader. What's more, users can now more easily connect to favorite contacts by swiping upward from the home screen.

I often encourage Android users play around with custom launchers; it's a quick and easy way to breathe new life into a device. I have spent time with Aviate over the last year and find it one of the smarter ways to organize a mobile experience. Aviate is free to install for any Android 2.3 device or above.