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Yahoo updates iOS Finance app to make it more personal

You can now follow specific stocks to stay abreast of breaking news and the latest financial data.

The Yahoo Finance app now lets you track your favorite stocks.
The Yahoo Finance app now lets you track your favorite stocks. Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Yahoo has revamped its iOS Finance app to help you better track your portfolio.

Unveiled Wednesday in Apple's App Store, Yahoo Finance version 2.0 offers a more personalized touch for investors and financial news junkies.

You can now customize the app's news feed by picking the stocks you want to follow. In return, Yahoo Finance displays the current trading prices and the latest news headlines for your chosen stocks. You can easily add or remove stocks from your tracking list.

The app also now displays interactive charts with the trading history of any company, including the opening price, closing price, earnings per share, dividend, trading volume, and target price. Swiping your finger across the chart of the stock's price lets you see its value at different times throughout the day and in the past. You can also zoom in or out to increase or decrease the period of time being displayed.

You can compare different stocks to track their performance and check on any market index to get a larger picture. Finally, you can tell the app to push out notifications for breaking news stories on the stocks you follow.

iOS users can learn more about the updated app through a Yahoo blog post.

Yahoo was also scheduled to overhaul its Finance Web site with a new look and layout. But a Yahoo spokesperson told CNET that the Web site revamp has been delayed.

Yahoo Finance requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The app is optimized for the larger screen sizes of the iPhone 5 and the iPad.