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Yahoo tops all U.S. sites in March; Google follows

The U.S. Internet audience topped 212 million people in March, and once again, Yahoo is the top destination of folks across the country. Surprisingly, Zynga saw the most traffic growth over the period.

The top U.S. Web properties, according to ComScore.
The top U.S. Web properties, according to ComScore. ComScore Media Metrix

It was business as usual on the Web in March, ComScore found in its latest Media Metrix survey.

According to the research firm, more than 212 million Americans surfed the Web last month, and once again, Yahoo was their top destination, scoring nearly 180 million unique visitors. Google trailed Yahoo with more than 176.8 million unique visitors. Microsoft, Facebook, and AOL followed the search giant with 176.4 million, 153 million, and 118 million unique visitors, respectively.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the month was the growth of According to ComScore, the FarmVille creator's site saw traffic rise 164 percent from over 2.7 million unique visitors in February to 7.3 million visitors in March. ComScore didn't say why Zynga's traffic rose so sharply.

Neither the research firm nor Zynga immediately responded to request for comment.

Aside from Web traffic, ComScore also examined the state of advertising in March. Once again, Google's Ad network reigned supreme, with its ads reaching 91.7 percent of the entire U.S. Web audience. Yahoo Sites had 84.4 percent reach.

One other interesting tidbit: Americans were thinking seriously about repairing their homes in March. According to ComScore, home improvement sites saw traffic rise by 10 percent compared to February.