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Yahoo to scrub Google, Facebook from Flickr log-ins

The company has been slowly removing Google and Facebook log-ins from its site, and Flickr is next on the list.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer at a recent Flickr event in New York. Sarah Tew/CNET

Yahoo's plan to remove Facebook and Google log-ins across its many sites and services has hit its next phase.

The company on Friday announced that as of June 30, users of its photo-sharing service Flickr will not be allowed to log in via Facebook or Google. Those who log in to Flickr with Google or Facebook services now will be allowed to do so only once before Yahoo forces them to log in through their Yahoo accounts. Those without a Yahoo account need to create one in order to keep using Flickr.

"Flickr is removing Facebook and Google sign-in," Yahoo writes on its Flickr homepage. "If you access Flickr through Facebook or Google, please sign in one last time using the buttons below. You will be prompted to create your new Yahoo account."

The modification to Flickr log-ins is part of a broader effort on the company's part to force users who employ its services to be Yahoo users. Many sites around the Web allow their users to log in to their services through Facebook or Google in order to maximize their user bases. That doesn't appear to be in Yahoo's plans any longer.

In March, Yahoo announced plans to offload its Google and Facebook log-ins.The first effort started with Yahoo Sports and would gradually roll out to Yahoo's other services, the company said. Yahoo didn't provide a full schedule for its anticipated log-in modifications.