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Yahoo to offer CNN, ABC video feeds

Daily news clips from the two media companies will be available for free on Yahoo, starting next month.

Yahoo has signed deals with and ABC News to expand the content it offers, the company said Monday.

Under the agreements, daily video feeds from the two media companies will be available on Yahoo, starting in September. The news feeds will be supported by advertising and will be free to consumers.

CNN news feeds will include domestic and global news, while ABC News feeds will feature the day's top news stories as well as entertainment and political commentary. The agreement with ABC is an extension of a distribution deal with SBC Yahoo broadband subscribers, Yahoo said.

Other traditional broadcasters are also expanding their online presence. Recently, CBS announced that its news Web site will feature footage not shown on television broadcasts.

The ABC and CNN feeds will be available on the front page of Yahoo News, as well as in coverage packages. Yahoo broadband subscribers will also get the news feeds through ongoing partnerships with SBC Communications, Rogers Cable, BT and Verizon Communications.

"Video content is becoming an increasingly important component of the online news experience for Yahoo News users, and these relationships are an important step in expanding the video content on our site," Scott Moore, vice president of content operations at Yahoo, said in a statement.