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Yahoo shares continue to lag as deadline looms

As it faces a Saturday deadline to enter formal buyout talks with Microsoft, the Internet giant's shares drag behind the broader markets.

Here's a number to chew on as Yahoo finishes out its earnings week and faces a Saturday deadline to formally negotiate a merger with Microsoft: 6 percent.

That's how far its shares have fallen since it reported its better-than-expected earnings after the markets closed on Tuesday. Compare that with the Dow and the Nasdaq, which both ended up slightly higher during the same period.

Yahoo's stock may apparently be feeling the affects of Microsoft's threats to walk away from the deal or go "hostile" with a proxy fight or tender offer, or both.

During regular trading Friday, Yahoo closed down 1.8 percent, or 50 cents, to end the day at $26.80 per share.

Monday's opening share price for Yahoo could be interesting...