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Yahoo shaking things up

Yahoo execs plan powwow and to consolidate entertainment businesses.

TechCrunch has some scoops about a big management meeting set for Friday and a reorganization of Yahoo's entertainment division.

I checked in with Yahoo and was told that yes, there will be a meeting tomorrow with company execs. Here's the statement Yahoo is giving reporters: "Jerry Yang and Sue Decker are committed to making significant changes in the way Yahoo operates to improve execution and build a winning culture. They are very focused on motivating and aligning key leaders throughout the company to achieve a clear set of goals, and tomorrow's senior management meeting will be an important step in that direction."


There you have it.

Yahoo also has made some changes to its entertainment businesses located in Santa Monica, Calif. In the Yahoo Yodel Anecdotal blog, Vince Broady, head of entertainment and video at Yahoo, writes that the company has consolidated music, games, movies, TV and celebrity properties into one group. "Rather than staffing entertainment business units around distinct properties, we're freeing up resources to feed new areas of focus. We'll be investing in the development of next gen media platforms, applications and services, creating cool new opportunities for third-party publishers and media companies while also harnessing the power of social media and user-generated content. For instance, consider the Yahoo Music Video application on Facebook. Or bringing big entertainment brands to life online. Or making it effortless for big networks and studios to put their hottest video content in front of all our users, both on network and off."

Asked to provide more details, a Yahoo spokeswoman provided this statement: "Yahoo remains committed to the media priorities of its Santa Monica offices, where these businesses maintain important relationships with key media partners."