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Yahoo promotes Stata to CTO slot

Raymie Stata, a veteran of Yahoo's search and cloud computing teams as chief architect, will report to new products guru Blake Irving.

Raymie Stata Yahoo
Raymie Stata, Yahoo's new CTO Yahoo

Yahoo has tapped a six-year veteran of the company to fill its vacant chief technology officer spot.

Raymie Stata, formerly Yahoo's chief architect, is now senior vice president and chief technology officer, Yahoo announced Thursday. He'll report to new chief products officer Blake Irving, as the two of them look to fill the void left by former Yahoo CTO Ari Balogh.

Stata was credited by Yahoo as having overseen search and advertising technology work, as well as the development of Yahoo's cloud computing technology. He'll assume the role at a time when Yahoo is actually shifting away from technology as its primary product to focus on content, although Yahoo's display advertising, search, and mail products still require significant investment.