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Yahoo marketing chief to leave

Cammie Dunaway is the latest in series of executives to leave the search company.

The person in charge of marketing for Yahoo is the latest executive to leave the company, which is in transition.

Chief Marketing Officer Cammie Dunaway is leaving the company at the end of this month, according to a Yahoo statement.

Cammie Dunaway Yahoo

"Since joining Yahoo in 2003, Cammie has built an award-winning direct-marketing team, improved the company's customer insights and found creative ways to improve our brand," the statement said. "Cammie has strengthened the marketing function and built a strong bench of creative talent. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors and thank her for her leadership, dedication and all that she has contributed to Yahoo."

Tech gossip site Valleywag reports that Dunaway is taking a new position that she described as "a natural fit for someone who loves driving profitable revenue for big, well-loved consumer brands and can't pass up the opportunity to be the coolest Mom in the universe."

Dunaway was named one of the 100 top marketers by Advertising Age. She cut her marketing teeth at Frito-Lay before joining Yahoo and has an MBA from Harvard.

The departure is the latest in a series for Yahoo, which is reorganizing and redefining its mission following disappointing financial reports and stock slides over the past few years. The company has struggled to find footing in the shadow of Google's dominance in the search and online advertising market.

The reorganization actually started last December when some key executives left--Lloyd Braun, head of entertainment and media, and Chief Operating Officer Dan Rosensweig. Then, in June, Terry Semel stepped down as chief executive and was replaced by co-founder Jerry Yang. Other notable recent departures have been sales executives Wenda Harris Millard and Gregory Coleman and Chief Technology Officer Farzad Nazem.

Valleywag also has posted an internal Yahoo e-mail that says executives hope to find a replacement for Dunaway in the next few weeks.