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Yahoo Maps adds new data and features

Company adds more granular neighborhood data, coverage of Eastern Europe and pretty colors, but the site is still distracting.

Yahoo on Thursday updated its map service to include more data about specific neighborhoods, broader international coverage, and stylistic changes, but it's still not the easiest map on the eyes.

The neighborhood details cover 12,000 areas in 300 cities in North America, and more of Eastern Europe is included. Points of interest like schools and ski resorts are highlighted now, and Yahoo is using more pastel colors. But there's also an obnoxious large ad in the lower left corner that is very distracting. I prefer Google's simpler site to either Yahoo Maps or Microsoft Live Maps.

Compare the map sites for yourself:

Yahoo's map interface is colorful but busy. Yahoo
Google's site offers a pop-up window with a street view photo. Too much yellow and gray though. Google
Microsoft's Live Maps also has a lot of yellow and gray, and adds blue links to businesses in the blank space on the left. Microsoft