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Yahoo Mail suffers disruption, outage

Yahoo's e-mail service appears to be down for some people, with many taking to Twitter to voice their complaints. The company says service has returned.

Yahoo's e-mail service was tripped up by a disruption today that temporarily kept some users from accessing their messages.

A flood of users took to Twitter to complain about the outage today. It's unclear how widespread the problem is, but monitoring site reported a service disruption. The outage follows similar hiccups from Facebook, which was briefly down for some people last week.

Yahoo confirmed the disruption but said service had been restored.

"We worked quickly to resolve the issue and are pleased that Yahoo Mail is restored to full functionality," a company spokesman told CNET. "We apologize to affected users."

Yahoo didn't provide any additional details on the cause of the outage.

The problem wasn't universal. Other users reported no problems accessing their accounts even during the disruption.

Updated at 8:15 a.m. PT: with a response from Yahoo.