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Yahoo Live fails to gain traction, forced to close

Yahoo has announced that they will shut down their experimental live streaming site, Yahoo Live, on December 3rd, 2008.

After gaining a lot of press initially, Yahoo's experimental live streaming site, Yahoo Live, will be shut down on December 3rd. While it does not appear that the closure of this Yahoo Brickhouse project is directly related to the current economic downturn, belt tightening at Yahoo may have played a role. The leading factor in Yahoo Live's closure was, most likely, its inability to gain a lot of mainstream traction. For example, the top stream on Yahoo Live, at the time of writing, has 58 viewers, while the top stream at Live's competitor, Ustream, has over 8,000. Surely with this sort of stagnant growth, Yahoo was forced to axe the project.

The site will be holding a town hall on Wednesday to, "toast Yahoo! Live."