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Yahoo Is The Fastest - In The Slots At Least

Is Yahoo really the fastest? Well, they are when it comes to slot car racing...

As part of this week's Search Engine Strategies - San Jose convention, I was invited to a private party with fifty or so of top folks in the SEO world. The event was called the "Vintage Tub and Bath Event" and took place at the beautiful Japanese gardens and restaurant in Saratoga, Hakone. Attendees included representatives of Yahoo, Live Search (MSN), and, of course, Google.

SES San Jose 2007

One of the top entertainments of the evening was slot-car racing. There were many races, and they were open to anyone at the party. But then the smackdown came: a race between the search engines to see who is truly fastest.

It was an exciting and tense race, with each of the participants balancing control and speed just as real race car drivers do. And, like real races, the cars were painted up to represent each company's logos. In the end, Yahoo took the checkered flag, followed by MSN Search in second, and (oh my goodness) Google losing the race! (Ask was a no-show).

The Search Engine Slot Cars

When asked what his winning strategy was, Yahoo jockey Tim Mayer answered, "I just stayed on the track."

Emcee Allan Dick quickly relayed that information. "Did you hear that folks?" he asked. "Yahoo says to stay on track!"

Rest well tonight, People of Search. It's all been solved. Yahoo is the fastest.