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Yahoo iOS 7 app aims to be 'cleaner, faster' -- and easier, too

With the new version timed to coincide with Apple's launch of iOS 7, US users can save content to read later, and Yahoo has added a breaking-news category to boot.

Yahoo has redesigned its app for iOS 7. Yahoo
Yahoo on Wednesday unveiled a redesigned iOS app that makes it easier to access content, just in time for Apple's iOS 7 launch.

For US users, Yahoo has introduced the ability to save content for later, Fernando Delgado, Yahoo senior director of product management, mobile, and emerging products, said in a blog post. Users simply tap a button and come back later to "My Saves." That feature will make its way to the desktop version of Yahoo in the coming days so users can save something on their computers and read it later on their phones.

Yahoo also added a breaking-news category that allows users to follow a story as it develops. The news updates will appear on the app in a feed with time stamps to let people easily scan the latest information.

Along with the new features, Yahoo tweaked the design to make it "cleaner, faster, and more engaging," Delgado said. That includes a redesign of the stream to make it more readable, as well as the ability to switch categories faster than before. Each article will include a photo relevant to the story, and some will have "cinemagraphs -- very subtly animated photos that bring the story to life," Delgado added.

The Yahoo app redesign comes as the company turns itself around under the leadership of CEO Marissa Mayer. During her time at the helm, Mayer has made several bold moves, such as buying Tumblr for $1.1 billion. She also has led a redesign of Yahoo's home page, Yahoo News, and its Flickr photo-sharing site.It's vital for Yahoo to adapt to the changing world to compete with rivals such as Google and remain relevant for users.

Apple plans to roll out iOS 7, the latest version of its mobile operating system, later Wednesday.