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Yahoo inks InstallShield deal to help propagate toolbar

Partnership with Acresso Software makes it easier for 71,000 software organizations using the software installer to bundle Yahoo Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.

Upate 9:40 a.m. PT--I clarified the partnership terms for companies that want to bundle the toolbar.

Yahoo announced a partnership with Acresso Software, which develops the InstallShield software installer product, that the companies say will make it easier to spread the Yahoo Toolbar.

The Yahoo Toolbar augments browser possibilities. Yahoo

Through the deal, it will be easier for the 71,000 software organizations using InstallShield to bundle the toolbar into the installation process, the companies said Thursday. Of course, software companies still must want to bundle the toolbar, but the Acresso option makes that easier to do if they so choose.

The Yahoo Toolbar adds abilities such as pop-up ad blocking, Yahoo Mail notification, bookmark centralization, and some spyware protection to Internet Explorer and Firefox, the two most widely used Web browsers.

Perhaps more important in Yahoo's effort to remain competitive with Google, the free download also features a search box.