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Tech Industry

Yahoo may have its pick of $5 billion bids

The internet pioneer reportedly has now received multiple bids on its core business valued at $5 billion or higher.

Yahoo headquarters

A darkness has fallen over Yahoo.


Yahoo has received a number of bids for its core business valued at $5 billion or more, according to CNBC.

Apparently, though, you can't count telecom giant Verizon in that group. Its reported bid is closer to $3.5 billion or even a mere $3 billion for the internet pioneer's internet assets. Another possible suitor from the wireless world, in something of a surprise, is AT&T. Yahoo is also apparently selling off a portfolio of 3,000 patents worth more than $1 billion.

Yahoo's board of directors is planning to meet Friday to vet all incoming bids on its main business, CNBC said.

Yahoo declined to comment on the reports.