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Tech Industry

Yahoo has a new research fellow

Andrei Broder, who once worked for AltaVista and IBM, says Yahoo is the "perfect environment for fundamental research on the Web."

Andrei Broder

Yahoo on Friday named Andrei Broder a research fellow and vice president of emerging search technology at Yahoo Research. Broder had earlier worked with AltaVista and IBM, and has been working on design, analysis, and implementation of algorithms for Web-scale information retrieval and applications, Yahoo said. Broder will report to head of research, Prabhakar Raghavan.

"Yahoo has a very large, diverse and fast-growing user base, plus massive amounts of content and data. This is the perfect environment for fundamental research on the Web," Broder said in a statement. "I am excited to join Yahoo's leading Internet researchers in exploring emerging search technologies that will distill all the information that the Web has to offer to the maximum benefit of our users."