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Yahoo gushes over Tom Cruise

For those who haven't seen enough of Tom Cruise in his myriad movies, there is video of his appearance on Tuesday at the Yahoo campus. As Cruise, with a very pregnant Katie Holmes in tow, exits the front door an unidentified woman squeals hysterically and jumps up and down shaking his hand. The crowd parts reluctantly and Cruise shakes hands, flashing a big smile. The overjoyed throng snaps pictures and jostles for a better look. The scene is a frightening reminder of how limited a personal life celebrities have--a point further illustrated by the new . More video clip links and commentary on Cruise's mission at Yahoo are at

Yahoo Chief Executive Terry Semel was co-chief executive of Warner Bros. so the links with Hollywood are no surprise. Cruise also was called upon to lend his star power to Semel's keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.