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Yahoo guides Scandinavia

Enlarging its global expansion binge, the search-engine company is launching localized Internet guides in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

Enlarging its global expansion binge, Yahoo said today it has launched localized Internet guides in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

It is another example of Internet companies' expansion in the Scandinavian countries, which have a high number of citizens with access to the Net.

In Yahoo's case, the company is seeking to make money with targeted advertising on its free Internet directories. Advertisers for the localized guides include IBM, Unibank, Digital Equipment, and Novell. The news, weather, and sports are provided with local content partners.

Yahoo already has launched local search engines in Canada, Japan, France, the United Kingdom and Ireland, Germany, Australia and New Zealand, and Korea.

Yahoo is not alone, though. Other search-engine companies such as Excite, as well as online services such as America Online and Prodigy, also are expanding abroad.

Europe is one of the fastest-growing regions for Net access. Not only content providers, but also backbone providers such as UUNet and PSINet are expanding in Europe. Last week, for example, PSINet said it would buy the Internet interests of CalvaCom, a leading French ISP.

Analysts say the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, and Sweden are among the fastest-growing Net markets in Europe.