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Yahoo gets nary a mention at Microsoft confab

Microsoft makes its pitch to advertisers without discussing the Internet pioneer with whom it is in negotiations.

REDMOND, Wash.--Republican strategist Cyrus Krohn wasn't the only elephant in the room at Microsoft's ad conference on Tuesday.

Indeed it was the other one--Yahoo--that loomed largest inside the walls of the Microsoft Conference Center. At least three Microsoft executives spoke about the company's online business but none addressed discussions with the Internet pioneer.

But with CEO Steve Ballmer dodging eggs in Europe and the heads of Microsoft's online business all gathered here, I wonder who it is that's doing the talking with Yahoo?

Well, I guess that's what having thousands of employees is good for--multitasking. I'm sure there are enough Microsoft online folks to simultaneously tell advertisers how strong its organic growth is while also talking to Yahoo to try to fix its obvious shortcomings.