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Yahoo launches Facebook Messenger bots for weather, news and general friendship

You can now summon Yahoo bots in Facebook Messenger to bring you news and weather information, as well as a pet monkey named Boo.


You can get weather info (left) and chat with a pet monkey (right) with Yahoo's bots.


If you're a Facebook Messenger addict and can't be bothered to open another app, take note: Yahoo has launched four bots that you can "chat" with to bring you news and weather information.

To start, message @YahooFinance, @YahooNews or @YahooWeather within Facebook Messenger to receive finance, general or weather news in the app. The finance bot can bring up stock quotes, while @YahooNews links you to summaries of trending news pieces. Yahoo's weather bot will message you the day's forecast on scenic Flickr images.

You can also message @MonkeyPet, a Maldivian monkey character named Boo who will exchange chats -- and emojis -- with you. Boo can also inadvertently make you feel bad about yourself by sending you vacation pictures from its "travels," much like your friends in real life.