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Tech Industry

Yahoo dumps Yahoo Plus service

The company says the service was not essential for users, will discontinue it April 23.

Yahoo on Thursday said that it was discontinuing its Yahoo Plus service, a bundle of offerings including a broadband-optimized portal, extra storage for mail, photos and other data, premium video content, ad-free radio and online security services. The service, which cost $5.95 a month or $47.40 a year, will be discontinued beginning April 23, the company said in an e-mail sent to customers Wednesday.

"We are discontinuing our Yahoo Plus service as part of our ongoing commitment to focus on businesses that are core to our future growth," a company spokeswoman said in an e-mail on Thursday. "We always listen to our users and assess which businesses it makes the most sense for Yahoo to operate in and it has become clear that Plus was not an essential service for Yahoo users." Yahoo has a frequently asked questions page with more information.