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Yahoo city guide rides into Dallas

The company's city guide operation gallops toward Dallas for the latest shootout between print and online media for local ads.

A Yahoo city guide operation is coming to the big "D" in the latest shootout between print and online media for local ad dollars.

Today the company launches its ninth city Web site with Yahoo Dallas/Fort Worth. Like Yahoo's other city guides, it gives users access to more than 5,000 sites that cover the area, as well as categories such as news, entertainment, sports, travel, theater listings, maps, and classified ads.

Sports is emphasized. ("In this very modern Texan town you'll doubtless find lots of Cowboys--but not of the Stetson, cattle-prodding variety.")

Ads include real estate and automobile listings. For news, it has teamed up with KTVT Channel 11, Reuters, and United Press International.

Like its Yahoo counterparts in other cities, the site seeks to tap the classified ad market long dominated by metropolitan daily newspapers, but competition is stiff. The Dallas Morning News already has its own Web site and isn't shy about "scooping" its print version if the story is big enough, as it proved with recent headlines about Oklahoma City bombing suspect Timothy McVeigh.

Yahoo already offers guides in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Washington, Boston, Seattle, and another Texas city, Austin.