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Yahoo buys start-up to boost mobile

Yahoo last month acquired a company called Wuf Networks to beef up its mobile phone services.

Yahoo on Tuesday confirmed it acquired a start-up last month called Wuf Networks that produces technology to let people transfer digital files onto mobile devices.

Yahoo's interest was in Wuf's technology and its employees--the company does not have products on the market--according to Yahoo spokeswoman Joanna Stevens.

"We will utilize their technology and resources to extend Yahoo services beyond the desktop," Stevens said. She declined to comment on the acquisition price.

The addition of Wuf's technology underscores Yahoo's efforts to expand its Web-based services and technologies into consumer electronics devices and home networking products. On Monday, hardware maker Diamond Electronics unveiled a line of Yahoo-branded DVD players and home theater systems. Yahoo licensed its brand to Diamond's line of products, which can be bought online at sites such as, and

In November, Yahoo extended and expanded its relationship with SBC Communications beyond powering the Baby Bell's DSL (digital subscriber line) home page. Yahoo's logo will appear throughout SBC's digital video service, due out late 2005, and on the Bell's home networking and wireless broadband products.

The acquisition was disclosed through a Securities and Exchange Commission filing and was first reported by the Los Angeles Times.