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Yahoo buys social-media developer Citizen Sports

Citizen Sports develops Facebook and iPhone applications for sports fans that will likely get folded into content produced by Yahoo Sports upon completion of the deal.

Citizen Sports Yahoo
Citizen Sports is joining Yahoo, likely in part to help improve the social-networking side of Yahoo's content. Screenshot by Tom Krazit/CNET

Yahoo continued to build out the content side of its business Wednesday, announcing plans to acquire Citizen Sports.

Citizen Sports develops Facebook and iPhone applications for sports fans, focusing on creating communities around individual teams and fantasy sports. The plan appears to involve Yahoo merging the social-media applications from Citizen Sports with content produced by Yahoo Sports, according to a press release outlining the deal.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Earlier this month during a press event for Yahoo's 15th birthday, CEO Carol Bartz suggested that the company was about to make a few small acquisitions now that it has shed many of the older businesses Bartz believed were weighing the company down.

And the content side of Yahoo's business has been marked as a priority over the last year. Yahoo Sports has gained some industry recognition over the past few years for scoops on college athletic recruiting scandals, and is one of the more popular areas of Yahoo's content business.

Yahoo hopes to wrap up the deal by the end of the second quarter, which means they'll probably miss out on two of the biggest sports events of the year: the NCAA basketball tournament and Tiger Woods' return to golfing competition at the Masters. (My employer, CBS, televises both those events. Please watch them.)