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Yahoo Brickhouse chief departs for Etsy

Chad Dickerson, who had led Yahoo's Brickhouse effort to develop new technologies, is now CTO of online storefront start-up Etsy.

Chad Dickerson, leader of Yahoo's Brickhouse effort to produce interesting new online technology, has left the company for start-up Etsy.

"In leaving; I'm confident that Brickhouse is in good shape. The product teams (Fire Eagle and Yahoo Live) are focused and cranking," Dickerson said on his blog Tuesday. "Brickhouse continues to attract new talent and strong support from Yahoo management. I'm pleased to be handing the reins over to Mike Folgner, who was CEO of Jumpcut, where he took Jumpcut from idea to product to acquisition by Yahoo."

Dickerson will be chief technology officer of Etsy, an online storefront for handmade goods, he said.

Dickerson also had worked on Yahoo's Hack program and Yahoo Developer Network programs including Pipes and MyBlogLog, he said.

He becomes the latest in a long list of executives who've left Yahoo amid a major reorganization.

(Via TechCrunch.)