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Yahoo adds syndication feature to mobile service

New software will allow mobile phone users to get RSS feeds from their My Yahoo pages.

Yahoo has added a new feature designed to let consumers use mobile phones to access syndicated news feeds from their My Yahoo pages.

The addition to the Yahoo Mobile service, announced this week, allows people to use their phones to read RSS feeds they've subscribed to via their customized My Yahoo pages.

Consumers can access news headlines available on their personalized pages via the Yahoo Mobile Web site using a WAP 2.0 mini browser on their handsets. They can read summaries of stories in about 1,024 characters and get full HTML Web pages if their browser supports HTML.

Yahoo said subscribers need not have a smart phone, third-party browser or a custom Java client to use the new feature.

The portal giant has been experimenting with RSS technology, which has emerged as a popular tool for syndicating blogs, discussion threads and other Web content. RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, is particularly popular among bloggers but has lately been embraced by mainstream Internet companies as well.