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Yahoo adds Delicious data to search partnership

Data from Yahoo's social bookmarking site now can be extracted through Yahoo's Build Your Own Search Service program.

Yahoo has made a new variety of data available through its BOSS (Build Your Own Search Service) program, giving those using the search results access to what's going on at its Delicious site for storing and sharing Web address bookmarks.

BOSS lets others incorporate Yahoo search results onto their own sites, processing them and blending them with other data if desired and sharing resulting revenue with Yahoo from larger-scale partnerships. With the Delicious data, developers get access to information such as how many times a particular Web site has been bookmarked at Delicious, what tags people labeled it with, and how often those tags were applied.

The company, which hopes BOSS will help it reclaim search market share lost to Google, announced the new BOSS features on its search blog Thursday.

Yahoo also added new language support to BOSS--Czech, Hungarian, and traditional Chinese--so people can retrieve search results specifically in those languages, too.

BOSS also got new sorting abilities for situations when developers need to organize search results by date.