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Xybernaut boosts wearable PC

The company unveils a body-mounted, 6.5-inch flat-panel display for its wearable computer.

The last barrier to total ergonomic nirvana has been lifted this week, with the arrival of a body-mounted flat-panel display.

The new 6.5-inch display comes from Xybernaut Corporation, the same company that has recently introduced a head-mounted display, and a body-mounted mobile computer.

The screen is designed to be worn on the forearm or on a belt, the company said.

The company is hoping to capitalize on the exploding mobile computing market, which includes products based on Microsoft's Windows CE operating system and the PalmPilot from 3Com. To date, none of these products have yet been introduced in a body-hugging model.

"The wearable computer is hot now because it offers the ultimate in portablity," said a company spokesman in a statement. "The wearable computer will be used by sales engineers and repair persons in the telecommunications, office equipment, and manufacturing sectors."

The new display is intended to "complement Xybernaut's existing VGA color head mounted display that offers the wearer unfettered access to information on Xybernaut's Pentium MMX 233-MHz body-worn Mobile Assistant," the company said in a statement.