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Xperia Z1 bootloader unlock will break camera, Sony warns

Sony has warned Android enthusiasts off breaking into its latest smart phone, the mighty Xperia Z1.

Sony has warned Android enthusiasts against unlocking the bootloader of its newest mobile, the Xperia Z1, saying that doing so could break the phone's camera.

Sony's warning message, spied by Xperia blog, appeared on the Japanese tech giant's support page.

"Warning!" Sony says, "At the moment, unlocking the Xperia Z1 boot loader will stop the camera functionality."

Unlocking a phone's bootloader lets you tinker with its software, and is a popular procedure among Android enthusiasts who enjoy customising their mobiles.

Many Z1 owners will never feel compelled to rummage around in their Z1's innards, but those who like modifying their phones and are keen to start altering Sony's latest mobile will likely be frustrated by the risk of breaking the phone's powerful snapper.

The "at the moment" in Sony's warning implies the camera flaw when unlocking the phone's bootloader could be fixed before long, so sit tight, Android fans.

The Z1 plays host to a startling 20.7-megapixel sensor, which is physically larger than in previous Xperia models. Unfortunately though, we were disappointed with the distinctly average snaps that the Z1 produced.

That could well be down to an image processing glitch, in which case Sony might be able to fix it with an update. It does still offer a few impressive camera modes, too, including one that gleefully adds an augmented reality dinosaur to whatever you're pointing the camera at.

The Z1 is only just arriving in the UK. Will you be buying one? Tinker around in the comments, or on our locked and loaded Facebook wall.

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