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Xperia Z, 4K and a fork, live from CES in Podcast 321

Jason and Luke are joined by Internet celeb Olly Mann, live at CES 2013, to discuss the themes of the show, including 4K TVs and a bossy fork.

Live from Las Vegas, Jason and Luke are joined on the CNET stage at CES 2013 by Internet celeb and podcaster extraordinaire Olly Mann, of Answer Me This fame.

CES is always TV-heavy, and this year the telly-makers have brought their A-game, with some absolutely stunning goggleboxes. 4K is the talk of the show, an Ultra HD standard that looks even more amazing than Full HD and means you'll have to buy a new set again. And a new Blu-ray player. And wait for TV networks to start using it.

Jason loved Sony's effort to make NFC more than just about paying for stuff -- its MirrorCast tech lets you ping stuff from your phone to all sorts of gadgets really easily, using NFC to take the faff out of Bluetooth pairing.

Luke was impressed with the Sony Xperia Z, the waterproof new flagship blower with a super high-res screen. And Olly got behind the Huawei Mate, whose vast 6-inch screen will appeal to people who don't want to buy a phone and a tablet.

Plus there's all the usual oddments and weirdnesses, like the Vuzix M100 smart glasses (as modelled by Luke above), the Parrot gadget that uses Bluetooth to look after your plants, and the Hapifork, which makes your phone vibrate if you're eating too quickly. Jason loves that fork.

You can watch the whole show recorded live in the video below. For the audio-only version, press play above, or search for CNET UK on iTunes. Click on Subscribe Free, sit back and enjoy -- and don't forget to tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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