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Xperia Arc S, Neo V, Ray get ICS in March, others to follow

Sony Ericsson has detailed which of its handsets will get Ice Cream Sandwich, starting from March next year. So when's yours due?

We already knew Sony Ericsson was updating all of its 2011 Xperia phones to Ice Cream Sandwich, but now the company has detailed exactly which will get it when.

The rollout starts at the "end March/early April 2012" according to a post on Sony Ericsson's official product blog, Engadget reports. The first to get Android 4.0 are the Xperia Arc S, Xperia Neo V, and Xperia Ray. Then from the end of April/beginning of May, those owning the Xperia Arc, Xperia Play, Xperia Neo, Xperia Neo mini and Mini Pro, Xperia Pro, Xperia Active and Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman will receive the update. Mark it in your calendar now.

As is the way with these things, not every owner of a certain model of handset will get the update at once. (Just look at the Google Nexus S to see what a stop-start process it can be.) Helpfully, Sony Ericsson has posted a guide to how it'll work, and all the boxes that need ticking, so give it a read if you want more info. Rest assured you'll get a notification when your upgrade is ready.

And for non Sony Ericsson owners keen to get their teeth into Ice Cream Sandwich? Well the HTC Sensation, Sensation XL, Sensation XE and Evo 3D will get the bump to ICS early next year, but there's no word on the Desire series, or the Rhyme. The update for the Samsung Nexus S is rolling out now, though Google put it on hold, and Samsung announced last month the Galaxy S2 will also go to ICS, though there's no date yet.

Can you wait until March? Or are you getting a new phone for Christmas? Let us know either way on our Facebook page, or below in the comments.