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XPeace accord: Microsoft, Kodak settle

The software giant and Kodak reach agreement on digital photos. Also, Microsoft pours a second round of "Talisker."

The Redmond powerhouse settles a disagreement with Kodak over digital photography software in the new Windows XP operating system. And a new version of Windows CE is on the way.
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Greg Sullivan, lead product manager for Windows XP, discusses the latest Kodak/XP dispute. (5:59)  
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Microsoft, Kodak settle XP dispute
The two companies settle differences over Windows XP's handling of digital photos in a deal that could ease political pressure on Microsoft.
August 12, 2001 
Microsoft pours second round of "Talisker"
update The software maker announces a new, more widely available test version of "Talisker," the next Windows CE operating system.
August 13, 2001 
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