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XP update throws some for a loop

After moving to Windows XP Service Pack 3, some AMD-based systems are getting stuck in an endless reboot cycle. Microsoft says it is investigating.

This blog was updated at 9:30 a.m. PDT with information from Microsoft about the cause of the glitch.

Owners of some AMD-based computers are finding that the move to Windows XP Service Pack 3 has sent their systems into an endless reboot cycle.

"While the root cause of this issue is complex, it results from OEMs improperly placing a Windows XP image created for an for Intel-based computer onto machines with non-Intel chipsets," Microsoft said in a statement. "Microsoft issued guidance to OEMs advising them to only load Windows XP images onto like hardware in 2004."

The issue was noted late last week on Microsoft forums and by others, including ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley. Those with a problem are encouraged to contact Microsoft's customer support.

The reboot cycle glitch is the latest hiccup for Microsoft with the service pack update. The company had to delay the release of the XP update after discovering at the 11th hour an incompatibility with one of its own programs.

With that issue, customers running Microsoft's Dynamics Retail Management System could face data loss if they run that program in conjunction with SP3.

After delaying the release of XP SP3 because of the issue, Microsoft finally made the OS update available last week, after creating a filter to ensure that those running Dynamics RMS did not get offered XP SP3.