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XM-I calls an audible, tweaks game plan for X-Mini Max

The Singapore company makes a few adjustments to the capsule speakers after their initial release.

You've got to give it to the XM-I guys.

Barely three weeks after we reviewed the prototype, the Singapore-based team went back to the drawing board, made a few crucial tweaks, and will now roll out an improved version. The commercial launch may have been pushed forward from March to the end of April (we're told April 28 for Singapore, and the U.K., Australia, and Ireland after that, but no firm dates for the rest of Asia yet). But that's a good thing since we like the fine-tuned version much better.

X-Mini Max
The X-Mini Max gets a do-over. Damian Koh/CNET Asia

Improvements now include a thicker, higher-quality tweeter in place to address the issue of the strident top range and muffled mids that we encountered in the prototype. As a result, the sound reproduction is fuller and comes much closer to the original X-mini Capsule Speaker's warm tones. The stereo cord is now also retractable, a relief from the original eyesore, and allows for a longer connection as well.

Unfortunately, the only item that won't be realized with the initial rollout is the speaker stand, which was previously intended to be integrated into the packaging. Instead, XM-I has opted to go with a simple casing for the first 20,000 units to avoid further delays, and may introduce the speaker stand box packaging after. The X-mini Max will be available in matte black, white and red, at $48 when it launches.

(Source: Crave Asia)