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Smartphone upstart Xiaomi could get into laptop game, with Samsung's help

The China-based smartphone powerhouse reportedly has plans to serve up a competitor to the likes of Apple's Macbook Air.

Xiaomi achieved quick success with its smartphones.

Aloysius Low/CNET

Xiaomi has managed to take a big bite out of Apple's market share in China thanks to its Mi line of smartphones. Now, four years after its inception, the Chinese smartphone powerhouse looks to bring the fight to Apple in the laptop market.

According to a Bloomberg report out of South Korea, Xiaomi is in talks with electronics giant Samsung, which could be providing screens and memory components for the new device.

The publication's anonymous sources add that the laptop could be released as soon as early 2016 and that the Beijing-based company hopes to compete with Apple's Macbook Air line.

The world's fourth largest smartphone maker, Xiaomi became popular in China by offering devices with attractive features at budget and midrange prices, which it managed to do by opting for an online-only distribution model.

It's been battling Apple for the top spot in the region. The iPhone maker started the year by grabbing the smartphone sales crown, but in the second quarter Xiaomi bounced back to take the lead.

A laptop wouldn't be Xiaomi's first foray outside of phones -- it's also made TVs, fitness bands, tablets and, somewhat randomly, an air purifier.

Xiaomi may cook up a laptop to compete with Apple's Macbook Air range.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Xiaomi released its most recent flagship device, the Mi Note Pro, in July to compete with Apple's iPhone 6 range. The Mi Note Pro received a strong score from CNET thanks to its zippy performance and super sharp design.

Neither Samsung nor Xiaomi was immediately available for comment.