XCom Global announces multi-country SIM card

With XCom's "EuroSIM," you can use one MiFi Hotspot or USB modem to get unlimited data access in 40 European countries.

XCom Global MiFi Hotspot XCom Global

If you read my review of the XCom Global MiFi Hotspot earlier this year, you'll know that I became a big fan while covering the 2011 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Sure, the service is pricey, but the reward was fast Internet wherever I went across the city.

In fact, I was so enamored that I recommended XCom to my colleague Dan Terdiman for his 2011 CNET Road Trip. Yet, in Dan's case, XCom's inability to cover multiple countries with one device proved to be a serious drawback.

Though I only had to take only one MiFi Hotspot to last me in Spain, he had to take a device for each of the seven countries he visited. Not only is that a lot of gear to carry, but also you have to pay for each device separately.

Fortunately, XCom was aware of the problem and this week it offered a workable solution with a "EuroSIM" that can fit in either the company's MiFi Hotspot or USB modem. Now you'll be able to use unlimited data across 40 European countries, form Finland down to Spain and from Iceland all the way to Cyprus. There are a couple of gaps in the Balkans, but the coverage area should include most everywhere you'll need to go (see XCom's site for the full list).

Though the rates will still add up if you have a long trip, we're glad to see that XCom doesn't charge extra for the all-in-one device. The initial rental fee is $17.95 per day for the MiFi Hotspot and $14.95 per day for the USB modem (members will pay $14.95 and $12.95). Extra fees can apply for shipping, insurance, and an extra battery, though shipping is waived for orders placed 10 days or more in advance.

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