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Xbox's shot in the arm and Nokia makes a deal in CNET UK Podcast 444

The UK's greatest tech podcast presents everything you need to know from Gamescom 2015, as well as LG's bizarre retro mobile and much more.


Major videogame show Gamescom is well under way in Germany, with Microsoft keen to boost the Xbox One's chances in its battle against Sony's PlayStation 4. GameSpot's Sarah Lynch helps bring us all the biggest announcements from the show, including "Star Wars" and "Tomb Raider" news. Hit play below, and don't forget to stop by GameSpot for more Gamescom coverage.

Worry not tech fans, there's plenty of gadget news to digest too. We explain why Nokia has sold off its maps department to car makers, and Andy talks us through his experience of piloting a monster DJI drone. We've also got LG's extremely odd new flip phone and more on Lexus' attempts to build a working hoverboard.

After that there's your feedback, where we hear what you folks reckon is the most important tech development of the last 15 years. Technology, games and much more fun awaits you, just below this paragraph. Don't forget to subscribe using the links below, and if you enjoy this week's episode, why not treat us to a review on iTunes?

Xbox's shot in the arm and more Gamescom news, plus Nokia makes a deal in CNET UK Podcast 444

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