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Xbox Surface tablet controller specs, er, surface

Specs have come to light for a 7-inch Microsoft tablet, dubbed Xbox Surface. Will it debut tonight?

Specs have surfaced for a 7-inch Microsoft tablet dubbed Xbox Surface, which looks to work with a second 'stationary computing device'.

The mysterious specification sheet appeared on Shifted2u, with additional information cropping up on Liveside.net. The leaks detail an Xbox tablet, and come shortly ahead of a 'major' Microsoft announcement this evening.

The 'Tablet Computing Device' mentioned in the spec sheet has a 7-inch LED display with a 1,280x720-pixel resolution (yes pixel fans, that's a 720p screen), along with an SD card slot. The tablet device is listed as 'Controller' in one leaked page, with a custom ARM microprocessor "for Kinect workloads" also mentioned.

The person listed as a contact on the documents is a Rick Gutierrez, who works for Microsoft Research. Gutierrez' listing on Microsoft's site is currently down, but CNET notes that he has done work on the Kinect for Windows software development kit.

Specs for the mysterious 'Stationary Computing Device' are also listed, hinting at 250GB of storage and graphics processing units. Four USB 3.0 ports and support for four wireless game controllers are also mentioned -- could Xbox Surface be Microsoft's next console?

That would see Microsoft following Nintendo down the second-screen avenue -- the software giant has already spoken about its SmartGlass app, which turns a smart phone or tablet into an Xbox controller.

As for the name, Surface is the name of Microsoft's gigantic touchscreen interface, most recently spied in the Samsung SUR40 touchscreen table. So 'Surface' would certainly make sense for a Microsoft touchscreen gadget.

If Xbox Surface turns out to be Microsoft's major announcement, we'll know all the details by tomorrow morning, so be sure to check back then. Reports had tipped the unveiling to concern Barnes and Noble, but the US bookseller has since denied any involvement, according to Business Insider.

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Image credit: Shifted2u.com