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Xbox PC update officially adds 1080p/60fps streaming support

Here's how to unlock "Very High" video quality through the Xbox app on Windows 10.

Microsoft has pushed out a new update for the Xbox app on computers that introduces, among other things, support for 1080p/60fps streaming from Xbox One to Windows 10 PCs. People previously discovered how to unlock this "Very High" video quality, but today's update makes it even simpler.


With the update applied, you can toggle to Very High by going to Settings > Game Streaming. That's it. But Microsoft warns that this is a very bandwidth-heavy process. This functionality can work wirelessly if your network is beefy enough, but a hard-wired connection is recommended for the best performance.

The new Xbox PC update also adds new features and functionality like the ability to right-click on a friend's name to quickly send a message or invite them to a game. Also new is a menu that lets you compare achievements with friends, while Microsoft has also made refinements to the notifications system.

You can see some of these new features in the video below, while you'll find a more detailed breakdown of the update through the changelog at the bottom of this post.

Xbox PC App August 17 Update:

Patch notes written by Microsoft

  • 1080p/60fps Game Streaming - You can now stream games from your Xbox One to Windows 10 devices in high-res HD quality at 1080p/60fps. The new streaming capability works best for gamers who have home networks with adequate bandwidth. In the Xbox app on Windows 10, go to Settings > Game Streaming and set the video encoding level to Very High, which will then stream games from your Xbox One to your Windows 10 PC at 1080p and 60fps (frames per second).
  • Right Click - You can now right-click on one of your friends and select Send Messageor Invite to Party to more quickly connect with your friends.
  • Notifications - Starting today, you can enable or disable notifications for when you are invited to a party or a multiplayer game via Settings > General > Party & Games Invitations.
  • Recently Played - Now you will see an animated display alternately showing you how many friends have played each game along with the four most recent players. The display will then switch to show a second tile with your last played date, Gamerscore and Achievements percentage complete. If you click on the game, it will take you to the Game Hub, where you can see a list of all of your friends who have played the game sorted by most recently played along with their online status.
  • Compare Achievements with a Friend - You can now compare your achievement status with one of your friends who has played the game. From a Game Hub page, select Achievements > Compare at the top right above the list of all of the achievements.
  • My Games - We updated My Games to support a grid view with a jump list, where your games are now displayed in a grid sorted alphabetically. If you click on a letter, you can collapse the list and then select a specific letter of the alphabet to more quickly find a game. The list of games that are automatically discovered has been updated as well.
  • Add Games - The ability to manually add games to your collection that have a link in the Start Menu by selecting My Games > Add a game from your PC has been updated with a help link to help you add games to your collection.

In addition, the Xbox app on PC has been updated to fix some sign-in, localization, and game streaming issues. This update should automatically apply the next time you boot up the Xbox app.

The new version number should be 8.8.15003.00000 or higher; you can check to make sure you're running the latest version by looking in the General tab of the app.