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Xbox owner sues over dud drive

Game fan upset over failed disc drive sues Microsoft on behalf of all U.S. Xbox owners.

A video game fan upset over a failed disc drive in his Xbox video game console has sued Microsoft on behalf of all Xbox owners across the United States. The suit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court this week, seeks to represent anyone who bought an Xbox in the United State since the console's November 2001 launch. The plaintiff, Sean Burke, said his console stopped reading any and all discs after less than a year of use, whether those discs were games, CDs or DVDs.

"The defective Xboxes stop working after minimal usage, after unreasonably, unconscionably, unusually and unexpectedly short amounts of time," the lawsuit said. Microsoft said it was reviewing the complaint. "We've designed and manufactured the Xbox with the highest quality standards, and our customer satisfaction is very high," the company said in a statement. The suit seeks damages, restitution and various other costs and fees.

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