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Xbox One: the good, the bad and the ugly box in Podcast 340

In this video we weigh up the Xbox One: the future of gaming or a really ugly box? And what does it means for the PS4?

Xbox One. The future of gaming, or a big disappointment in the casing of a 1980s VCR? We debate this burning issue and many more, including the latest strife at HTC.

As the Xbox One promises TV-tastic tech and next-gen gaming, things aren't looking great at HTC, where an exiled bigwig is urging his former colleagues to "just quit." Harsh -- but fair?

Meanwhile Vodafone delays 4G, and a storm erupts over the animated GIF. Is it GIF or JIF?

And we turn to you, wondrous listener, for your thoughts in the feedback section. What's Nokia thinking with the Lumia 925? Is Apple doomed to repeat BlackBerry's mistakes? And is it worth buying a MacBook Air, or waiting for the next big thing?

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