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Xbox One system update hits today, fixes some 'behind-the-scenes' bugs

Don't expect any new features, though.

Microsoft has released a new Xbox One system update, but don't expect any new features. Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb writes on Twitter that the update includes fixes for some unspecified "behind-the-scenes" bugs.

It's not clear what those bugs are or what systems/functionality they're related to. Microsoft doesn't intend to explain, as Hyrb added that there will not be any patch notes released for this system update.

The latest major Xbox One update, the New Xbox One Experience, was released in November. Among other things, it overhauled the console's UI and introduced backwards compatibility support for Xbox 360 games. Before that, Microsoft released significant Xbox One updates on a monthly basis.

Microsoft didn't release a big new Xbox One update in December and isn't planning one for January. That's because Microsoft wants to focus on stability during the holiday season.

The next major Xbox One update is scheduled for February, according to Xbox engineer Mike Ybarra (via DualShockers). However, there is no word yet on what this update may include.