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Xbox One set to launch in more Asian countries on Sept 23

Microsoft's next-generation console will finally make its way to Hong Kong, India, Singapore and Taiwan after a year-long wait.

The Microsoft gaming console will finally hit gamers in Asia. Microsoft

If you live in Hong Kong, India, Singapore or Taiwan and have been waiting to get your hands on the Xbox One , the good news is that the wait is almost over.

Microsoft's next-generation console will retail for HK$3,380 ($436), INR 39,990 ($675), S$639 ($510), and NT$12,980 ($432) without the Kinect. The Korean pricing for the console was also revealed -- 498,000 Korean won ($490) -- though the company did not say when it will launch.

The new Xbox One console will ship with 14 days of free Xbox Live Gold and a wireless controller. A version bundled with the Kinect will be more expensive, of course.

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed that the Xbox One will launch in Japan on September 2. China is still on track for a September launch, though no firm date has been announced.

Eagle eyed readers may have noticed the price discrepancy between India and the other launch markets -- there's a difference of more than $240 between India and Hong Kong. Understandably, Hong Kong doesn't have taxes on its electronics goods, but a $240 tax is certainly substantial.

CNET has contacted Microsoft for a comment about the pricing, and will update this story when we get more information.